Launch of the Quintis brand

Likeable Creative was delighted to work with Equilibrium on a very exciting project to launch the Quintis brand to the world, including writing and production of a film starring Daniel Ricciardo and Adam Gilchrist. Due to the logistics of fitting into the very narrow availability of these global ambassadors, Malcolm had to research and write the scripts over a weekend while our producer, Phoebe Dunn, had to secure the locations and props (including an Aston Martin) plus get permits for road and drone filming.

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TFS (Tropical Forestry Services) wanted to re-position themselves from being a plantation business to become a luxury ingredient brand. Their sandalwood trees had reached maturity in commercial quantities, so they needed to become known for their product, rather than their plantations. The name Quintis comes from the oil being a quintessential ingredient in perfumes, oils, foods, candles and luxury wood products. Equilibrium was engaged to create the world-class website, with Likeable Creative collaborating to provide the rich storytelling. The website narrative tells the incredible journey of how Quintis helped save the endangered Indian Sandalwood species by retrieving seeds from the ancient Mysore region in India and carefully nurturing the descendant plants in Australia's tropical north. Through compelling writing and evocative imagery, the site was designed to be highly engaging.

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