The team at Likeable Creative was flattered to receive an invitation to participate in 'The Pitch' on the ABC advertising program, Gruen. The impossible brief was to convince Australians not to have kids. Likeable won the pitch with a commercial Wil Anderson described during an ABC radio interview as "the best-produced work this series". For Likeable Creative's Managing CD, Malcolm MacLean, it was a great experience to be part of a live show, and one to tick off the bucket list!
A big thank you to our talented and generous collaborators: Director Aaron McCann from Blue Forrest Production, Robert and Grady from Sandbox Post Production, Brad from Soundbyte, plus the wonderful cast and crew.

Click to view the 45 second ad

Click to watch The Pitch Segment from Gruen, 1 November 2017

Click to watch the 'making of' Pitch - ABC interview with Malcolm