Likeable Creative helped launch the world's first expertise capturing, sharing and management platform with an engaging promotional video. The clip shows how a business owner can quickly transfer his or her valuable expertise to graduates and other staff members, and metaphorically put a wise old head on young shoulders.

The aim was to create a high quality production that had a lot of shareability. We belive that the market has grown tired of el-cheapo whiteboard animations and vector infographics for tech start-up videos.

The inventors of, Des Whyte and Craig Bull, have spent 4 years and several million dollars developing the platform and their accountancy practice has already experienced productivity increases of 50%, with 65% decrease in learning times and 33% decrease in wage cost per job. The platform is perfect for professional services who would benefit massively from being able to transfer expertise from their most experienced leaders to more junior staff.

Click to view the video was unveiled at the national accountants "Big Day Out" conference in the Gold Coast in 2017. A brochure was designed to distribute to all delegates, and was also used for a professional services direct mail campaign.

Brochure brochure

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